Heather Drive and Heather Circle Street and Storm Sewer System Improvements

Heather Drive and Heather Circle Street and Storm Sewer System Improvements
City: Colorado Springs
Year: 2009
Project Description:

Kiowa Engineering prepared designs plans and provided construction services for the street and storm sewer system improvements within Heather Drive, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The private properties along this residential street had experienced localized flooding of garages and houses due to insufficient street capacity and storm sewerage systems capable of collecting and conveying the runoff from heavy thunderstorms.  The project included the evaluation of the watershed tributary to the project site, the development of design plans based upon the evaluation and the preparation of project manual and bidding documents. 

The scope of the project also included community meetings wherein the residents were engaged to offer local knowledge of the problems and to provide input that was helpful in refining the scope of the work.  The alternatives for handling storm water and the selected design were also presented to the residents along the route of the project.  

A system involving the strategic placement of inlets to collect the runoff and convey it to a system of storm sewers ranging in size from 18- to 36-inches was designed.  The street section was also modified to maximize the street’s carrying capacity so as to prevent runoff from leaving the street section and entering private property.  The total cost for the improvements was $360,000.  Kiowa provided observation, monitoring and administrative services throughout the period of the construction.

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