Pinehurst Tributary at Colorado Academy

Pinehurst Tributary at Colorado Academy
City: Denver
Year: 2005
Project Description:

Kiowa Engineering prepared designs for Pinehurst Tributary drainageway improvements in southwest Denver, Colorado.  Flooding had damaged a number of homes due to lack of conveyance.  The project included a regional detention pond, diversion channel and drop structures.  The project is located at Colorado Academy.

Kiowa worked with Design Concepts to develop an environmental learning center in the regional pond.  Different habitat and ecological zones were created.

Sculpted concrete drop structures were used to stabilize the diversion channel.  The structures simulate natural rock outcrops.  The diversion channel collects excess runoff and conveys the flows to the regional pond.

The project involved extensive collaboration with Colorado Academy, The City and County of Denver, and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to create a project that would fit the educational needs of the Academy and the drainage and flood control needs of Denver and the District.

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